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Widest Variety in WA

At Advanced, we offer the widest variety of control options available in WA. These include;

  • Standard electric motor
  • Electric motor with obstacle detect, unique to Advanced Window Shutters
  • Remote control
    • Remote control and switch unique to us
    • Remote control with timer and sunset/sunrise control
  • C- Bus automation
  • Phone app. control (coming very soon)
  • Manual control— winder, pulley control and spring loaded
  • Smart drive battery
    • Smart drive battery control with remote control

Electric Motors

Roller Shutter Switch

Our standard motor is fast, quiet, and very reliable. This motor is our most popular model. The switch control fits into existing light switches and can be ordered with coloured switch covers. We also offer glass switches for the modern look.

Remote Control

Remote controls add the flexibility to operated the shutter from any part of the house. This motor includes ‘obstacle detect’ and ‘favourite position’ features. The remote can be programmed to control the house with a ‘master’ control. Smaller key fob remotes are also available .

Remote with Timer and Sunrise/Sunset Function

Includes the aforementioned features plus the ability to set automatic open and close times. In addition, the remotes know Perth’s latitude and longitude, so can be set to open the shutters at sunset / sunrise times with optional time offsets and exclusions for weekends—handy for weekend sleep-ins.
Multi-channel remotes allow all shutters to be operated at the same time, or combinations to suit.

C-Bus Automation

Our motors can be connected to your C-bus system (if installed). Using a module specific for shutters, connection to a C-Bus circuit allows all the standard functionality of a hard wired connection, but with the flexibility and integration of C-bus automation. Shutter can be programmed to automatically open upon arrival.

Manual Controls

A winder or pulley is installed inside your for operation, as a simple and cost-effective method to operate your shutter. A spring loaded roller shutter is manually pulled up and down from the outside. Primarily designed for commercial applications, this adds a greater level of security as the shutter is key locked at the base.

Obstacle-detect Motor

This motor stops automatically should an object be in the path of the shutter. We are the only company that offers this feature.

Remote + Switch

All our remote motors can have an optional hardwired switch. Should you misplace the remote or the dog has chewed it up, you can still use the switch to operate the shutter. We are only company that can offer both a hard wired and remote operation.

Remote Control Types

Five different controls available depending on requirements. These include single channel, 5 channel, 10 channel, master remote (operates
the house with one remote), key fob and multi-function remote with timer and sunset function.

Phone App Control (Coming Soon)

This will allow your shutters be operated via your smart device. Each shutter can renamed and set up to open and close at your specific time. Should be available by the end of the year.

Smart-drive Battery

This is a battery operated shutter that does not rely on mains power. Ideally suited were power is infrequent or difficult to connect to the main
circuit. The battery sits in a cradle and be charged on the cradle or be re-moved. Remote control is also available for added convenience.

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